Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hm... I wonder how Boults feels today.

You know, since Kari was mad that he took penalties for going after some dude that elbowed him and broke his nose. From the AJC:

Thrashers goalie Kari Lehtonen wasn’t pleased. He was working on the team’s first shutout of the season and had to survive four shorthanded situations in the third period to get it. (Nathan Oystrick’s cross-checking penalty accounted for the fourth.)

“That doesn’t make me very happy to see our guys going to the box,” Lehtonen said. “We were able to kill [the penalties], and that was a great thing. It was a lot easier that the game was 4-0 at that time. If it would have been tighter I might have snapped a little bit for a couple of guys. I don’t think they were too many great penalties that we should take.”

What business is it of Kari's? This was addressed by the coach after the game, and Boulton's an enforcer. This is his job. Last I checked, Kari's job was to stop pucks, and he hasn't been doing it all too well. Instead of worrying about how a teammate's decisions onthe ice impact him, perhaps our goaltender probably needs to focus on how his decisions impact his team.


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