Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lasik. Try it. You'll like it.

If I have to hear one more BS excuse defending Kari I am going to poke my eyes out. Darren Elliot mentioned that Kari's schedule got messed up by having an early afternoon game, which might explain his piss-poor (my words, not DE's) performance in goal today, allowing 7 of the 8 goals in our loss.

If Kari can't adapt to a change in his schedule, then he doesn't need to be a starter. That. Is. Part. Of. Your. Job. He had a day off to get rested up. He had a bad game, and they happen - but if they happen because your schedule got messed up, that is a crap excuse. Kari is not a toddler (well, after the look on his face on the bench, he could be). I like him. He has potential. But until he gets his head on straight, becomes adaptable, and figures out his game, he's going to do stuff like this, which is inexcusable. We fought back and tied it, played two REALLY GOOD PERIODS, and then those first three goals in the 3rd shut the team down. Who wants to work your butt off when your last line of defense is going to let in a softie or 4. He moved at the speed of a geriatric turtle today - no reaction on anything - lifting your glove 3 centimeters to pretend to catch a puck is not effort. Barely sliding to stop a weak penalty shot and letting it go past your foot is not effort. I don't know if he thought he could slide through because of the momentum from the Devils win, but that momentum is gone.

It must suck to play your butts off for 2 periods and then start the 3rd with three goals because your goalie needs a bigger glove.

Enough with the excuses. How many losses have we had where Kari has been a sieve? This is the second game this season where he's allowed 7 goals, and it's not like he's been playing all year. That's out of 18 games. He's allowed 6 or more goals 3 times - which means that for every 6 games he plays, one is going to be a blowout. Swell.

I wish that Kari gets consistent because I want him to do well. That being said, there is SOMETHING going on up there in that mask of his that needs to be adjusted, because today was absurd.


Mortimer Peacock said...

Well said, and couldn't agree more. Kari's performance today was painfully bad.

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