Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sorry, Mats.

Didn't mean to spoil your homecoming, but that was the first hockey game that I've stayed up until 1 AM watching that I was glad that I did. The Blues beat the Canucks 6-4 last night, not due to amazing goaltending, but due to just sheer grit, determination, and just flat-out annoying the other team to death. I enjoyed it. Backes, Berglund (who if I remember correctly is now leading rookies in goals with 13), Steen (Stempniak who?), Teej, Boyes, and Crombeen all scored and Walt had a couple of helpers. This was one of the most fun games I've seen the Blues play all year and we've seem to have started a little 2 game winning streak here. Good... keep it going.

Little criticism. Manny, I love ya. Great guy. Go see a sports shrink and figure out what is going on, please. You need to get back to where you were last year if we'll climb out of the cellar - we played good hockey last night and considering the weird make-up of our team, we're not half bad. We only have 8 points and we'd be in the playoffs (proof that yes, the West is better than the East again). I want to see us go on the tear that I know we can do and just own the teams ahead of us. Give me something to smile about hockey-wise, please.


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