Thursday, January 22, 2009

More proof that hockey players are the best.

Fantastic stuff from a mom thanking not just Kovy's Krew, but the team, for the way that they've treated her son.

I have seen these guys be cooler to little kids than logic allows. I've seen so many pucks flipped over the glass, sticks handed around, high fives... they're great fellas (same goes for the Blues when they were here - very cool to their fans on the other side of the rink). Stuff like this (as well as the Pens signing an 8 year old with CF to a contract), makes me smile.

Find another sport where the players are this genuine. I DARE you.


Thrashers Recaps said...

Just saw the highlights of that Blues/Bruins game. Holy crap that was exciting.

Laura said...

You *just* saw 'em? If it makes you feel any better, people in StL didn't see them at all because the game wasn't on TV. That one... Walt's 1000th goal... they did a good job picking the few games that aren't on TV.

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