Friday, January 23, 2009

We're #1!

Well, the Blues' 3rd jersey is.  THN's editors counted down the list of the league's top 10 3rd/Alternate jerseys.  I'm getting a good chunk back on my taxes this year.  Aside from a new speaker for my car and fixing my bathroom up (dog ate it), it looks like this might be my "fun purchase" of the year.

Thrashers fans: sorry, but our fugly maroon wanna-be Hawks jersey isn't on the list.


aaron said...

Blues 3rd aces the Thrash 3rd, hands down. It's the shoestring = gets me every time.

Laura said...

It's hysterical that our retro 3rds not only don't look anything like one of our retro jerseys, they're BETTER looking.

Ugh... clown suit...

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