Sunday, January 04, 2009


Remember when I mentioned that all we needed was a win and we'd be in 12th?

Yeah... about that... we LOST horribly (4-1) to Tampa and are now second to last in the whole league. We generated shots on goal, but Smith was totally on his game all night, and nothing but EC's goal with about 30 seconds to go would go in.

We were weak, not gritty at all, didn't challenge... we let them run all over us, and Kari allowed 2 goals (2nd and 4th) that were totally stoppable - the third probably would have been too but I'm trying to be nice. All it takes is one weird goal and he spaces out for the rest of the game, allows bad ones, and then just sits there on the ice. No frustration showing at all. I'm tired of waiting for the potential to override the lack of drive. Kari's having to audition for our starter position. Wait, what? He IS our starter, or should be. But his stats? 4-8-2 (yeah, he's only played 14 games) with a .903 SV% and a 3.39 GAA. That's as solid as Jell-o.

TFP is claiming Kari to LA for Patrick O'Sullivan. That'd be great, since Kovy needs a center. Right now, though, we have a prospect who is freaking great but not NHL ready yet, a solid backup who is, well... a backup that's overused completely, and Turple. Turple's not even ready for the AHL... we're in a pickle... we get O'Sullivan, we don't have any starting goaltending ready to go.

The question here is, do we anyway?

On a positive note, Little left with a rib contusion and there isn't any word on his condition. Great. It keeps gettin' better.

To round it out, heeeeeeeere's Coach A after the game:

John Anderson's opening statement to the media (prior to the video feed kicking in):

"Our give-a-crap level is at zero. After a big win against Vancouver, against a real good hockey team, we throw that game. I gotta question whether anybody cares in that locker room right now. It's a joke."

Anderson on the overall effort of the team:

"Nobody played well tonight. Nobody. From the goalie right on out. Just very average, and we can't have average right now. We're desperate for points."

Good - he agrees with every fan in the building. Nice.


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