Thursday, January 29, 2009

We lost to WHAT??

Here's the 1st period in one picture:

Remainder of 1st, all of 2nd and most of the 3rd after we put Hedberg in:

3rd period? Zach, Peverley, Reasoner, and Kovy (thought Toby, but it deflected). Not enough, because one snuck by Moose with like 5 to go. The third period was unreal - I guess Anderson read them the riot act after that. He can motivate when they come out dead... now we need to consistantly come out firing. We need to play like we did 3rd period all game.

Kari faced 15 shots and allowed 4... the 3rd was an abysmal roll behind him - he deflected it with his glove and it just rolled along and he sat there, allowing Jackman to whack it in. I'm impressed with Anderson sticking with his standard of pulling goalies when they don't play well. Hedberg deserved the chance and he proved why he is a consumate professional. How Kari can play SO well for 4 games in a row and just crap out totally is beyond me. He's wildly inconsistant. Every starter has a bad game here and there, but this just seems like it happens more often than not. The whole team phoned it in for the 1st. I don't deny that. But good lord.

FWIW, Moose faced 18 and let in 1. Not stellar, but still pretty good for 2 and a half periods of play.


Wayne said...

An email I sent to other Thrasher bloggers minutes ago:

If the Thrashers keep playing like they have the past three games, I will personally write a letter to Jim Balsillie BEGGING him to buy this damn team and move it to Hamilton, Winnepeg, Saskatchewan, Halifax, Medicine Hat, Flin Flon, Moose Jaw, Porcupine Ass, wherever...I'm fed up with a team that just refuses to show up in the first 20 minutes. And as every Thrasher fan knows, this is not a new phenomenon...

Is it because Atlanta (the metro area) is too nice? Too comfortable? Could there be a "meh" (as you 20-somethings say) attitude from the city that rubs off on the team (or even vice-versa)?


As many of you know, Don Waddell is not exactly my favorite person. I don't hate him in the way I hate Keith Olbermann; I just hate him as a GM. But, prodded by a comment on last night, I'm beginning to understand why he was kept on as GM for this season: Atlanta Spirit ("Goooooooooo Team!") knew that this season would be difficult because of the upcoming trial, and knowing that there would be a limited budget, felt that bringing in someone new might be unfair to that person.

However, even if the ASG were to win the case, they would still need the cash to buy out Steve Belkin, or that Belkin could even appeal, dragging this case out to 2010(!)...If this mess isn't settled by the end of NEXT season, we may have heard our last goal call by My Favorite Kamalian...

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