Friday, January 30, 2009

The seafood's gone bad...

Crabb, apparently, has ended his tryout with the big boys. He's going back to Chi-Town... not surprising, considering his play of late, but how he played as a whole while he was up here shows promise for the future. Slater's still out for about a week, so no clue who will replace Crabb... Lavallee? Stuart? Sterling? No word yet.

Good news for Boris, though - he's been told to find a more permanent place of residence. Makes me wonder if MS or Havelid will be moved before the deadline though, or if we'll just travel with 8 defensemen.

EDIT: According to the Wolves' Twitter feed, we should be saying hi there to Joe Motzko and Colin Stuart. 2? Really? To replace one guy who was a healthy scratch before Slater was hurt? Interesting.


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