Friday, January 30, 2009

I am not, obviously, a Red Wings fan.

Neither are the good guys over at The Pensblog. This is, officially, the post of the decade.

See - Pens fans and Blues fans have a lot in common aside from random injured players and a year that's been less than they expected. Oh, and a mascot that wears no pants.


Wayne from Alabama said...

Christ, I hate the Chicken Wings...Couldn't remember why until last year's Finals:

1. They introduced the Left Wing Lock.
2. They brought the influx of Euros, helping ruining the marketing of the game.

I also know why so many people show up at games with Wings jerseys (whether the Wings are playing or not): they're happy to get the hell out of Detroit...

Laura said...

Why leave Detroit? That city's so toasty! Because, well... isn't it on fire half of the time?

I absolutely have no use for a good bit of their fans (not all)... the fair weather ones are just obnoxious as hell.

Wayne said...

I mainly don't like the fact that the team has been heavily dependent on foreigners (non-North Americans) and that helps ruin hockey (for marketing purposes)...oh, and that Scotty Bowman was their coach.

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