Saturday, January 31, 2009

We Owe Kari a Fruitbasket.

Seriously. He might have had a soft night Thursday, but tonight, like the game in Dallas, he stood on his head and made some amazing saves while the rest of the team (Pevs excluded) had their heads up their asses. 38 saves on 40 shots. Unreal.

There is NO excuse for this BS. The Thrash will never crack 20 wins if they continue to play like this. Something needs to be done off the ice. Now. New owners, new management, something... the ineptitude at the top keeps trickling on down to the bottom.

On a better note, as I type, the Blues are all over the Flyers 3-0. At least one of my teams is gonna crack 20 wins here tonight. Glad to see it's my #1.


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