Monday, February 09, 2009

Andy, oh Andy Mac...

When are you comin' back?

Next year and four more afterwards. The Blues signed him to a 4 year extension - good to see. We have one major hurdle taken care of for next season. If we continue in this path, we'll be a lock for a playoff spot next year.

One piece of trade bait taken off of the market... will we see a Big Walt signing here soon too? I'm not in the dump Tkachuk camp. He's #3 on our team in points, tied for 3rd in goals, and is 3rd in assists. He's also a good piece of vet leadership with a NTC and who is unsure about returning, and who seems to want to retire a Blue.

We're only 6 points back. Do we dump pieces and mess up our team chemistry, which apparently can click now? I wouldn't advise messing with the mojo at all.

EDIT: Per TSN, the contract is 4 years, $18.8 million, and a NTC. Shuweeeeet.


aaron said...

Man, I thought the Thrash had a shot with him, what with our deep pockets, bottomless well of talent, and commitment to winning.

I could almost type that with a straight face.

Laura said...

LOL - you didn't pull a facial muscle with that, did you?

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