Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The hockey gods giveth...

... and the Blues take away. One win... 5 points out of 8th. All we need. We BLOW a 3-1 lead to allow the Canucks to come back and win. Horrible, sloppy, just bad 3rd period play. Why is there this mentality that we're better than we really are so we can goof off? We need to focus and realize that while we're on the doorstep of the playoffs, we're not sitting on his couch munching Cheetos quite yet.

Kari was a wall last night, BTW. The Thrashers managed to beat Tampa Bay 2-1 (Stuart and Kovy, who made SURE that the puck went into the empty netter this time). Tonight we're playing the Blackhawks, who I was sure would just wipe the ice with us. And then I read this:

Marty Reasoner is doubtful for tonight and several other forwards are sick and/or dinged up. That might lead John Anderson to dress seven or eight defensemen and play one of two of them as forwards. He mentioned Zach Bogosian as a possible candidate but liked the idea of Oystrick or Valabik playing as a checking forward. Or how about Enstrom as a forward, since Anderson has been trying to get him going offensively all season? The coach didn't rule it out.

Fun! My money's on Toby and Bogosian actually working out ok, since they're fast, can puck handle, and tend to be a bit more offensively minded.


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