Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not THAT horrible!

Yes, we lost to the Blackhawks 3-1, but one of those was an EN. The only reason we lost was Khabby. That's it. We had about 15 more SOG (I believe) than them, and 2 goals were disallowed - one after the horn to end the 2nd and one because they didn't feel like really checking to see that the puck was in. I'm happy with how we played, and if there is such a thing as a moral victory in hockey, THAT was one. Kari was sharp, Kovy was AMAZING considering he probably is getting 2 hours of sleep a night, and really, I can't think of anyone I had a beef with. They all looked good. I hope that the Thrashers tenderized them for the Blues Friday.

Speaking of El Blues, and you know, how they need to win tonight against the Preds because we are only three points behind them, I met a really nice guy in a Blues jersey last night - I think he wore it to counteract all the Blackhawk mojo. I think it worked. Maybe I should wear mine to the Detroit game to make their heads explode.

On a very happy note, congrats to Kovy on the birth of his son, Philipp, and to Marty Reasoner, whose wife gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. I suppose that's a legit reason to miss a game.


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