Friday, February 27, 2009

Kovy calls out Sid. Again.

We all know the finger point. Heck, it's even become the logo of the awesome Kovalchuk Army gear that's sold for charity.

PuckDaddy had an interesting write up where more players hop on the "Crosby needs to chill" bandwagon, and one of them happened to be our Kovy, who has made known several times that he thinks Crosby talks too damned much.

More of this to be translated later (like the parts where he says that he likes Atlanta - ha!), but I just found this to be hysterical:

Not long ago Washington played Pittsburgh. And Alex Ovechkin showed a sign to Crosby that might have meant less talk. Did he learn it from you? I remember that when [during one game] Crosby was given a penalty and you scored a goal, you pointed at him with your glove, and that gesture became famous in Atlanta.

KOVALCHUK: "These are emotions. Ovechkin did everything right. [You] have to play hockey. Show on the ice what you are capable of. And the weak talk a lot. Ovechkin proved everything - scored a goal and Washington won. He had a full right to his gesture."

Yay for blunt and to the point Kovy! He's really been stepping that up recently as well. I'm glad that he's found his fire... and to think, all that it took was finally freaking naming him Captain.


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