Friday, February 27, 2009

Out of the Doldrums

The Preds just *had* to win last night to keep us from hopping into 11th, didn't they? I won't complain, though - the Blues defeated the Stars last night 3-1 to move into 12th and only 3 points out of a playoff spot. One game down, 2 to go before the deadline... I have a weird feeling that Walt shall be around for a while.

Chris Mason has started 17 games in a row, and has moved to 10-3-4 in that time period, which is an amazing turn-around for someone who started the year by having his butt handed to him by the Isles. He also managed 41 saves last night, which means my fantasy team is very happy. The team is 8-2-4 in it's last 14 games and has only 6 regulation losses in 2 months. Next up? Phoenix on Saturday.

Kovy scored yet another goal last night, bringing his total for the year up to 32 and scoring his 11th in 7 games. Yeah, I think his little slump's done. The Todd scored, making it his 6th point in 6 games. If we manage to win tomorrow against the Canes, we'll have our first winning month of the season. Yaaaay.


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