Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trade Deadline Fun!

The deadline's Wednesday, so get your TSN trade tickers ready! Everyone knows that the Thrashers will be sellers... 18 points out, 2nd to last place... the question with them is who. A few names tossed about are Army and Reasoner, who should be two of our top extension/ signing interests. I'm not really going to pretend that I care deeply who leaves. The impact players are safe this year, unlike last year when Hossa wanted to run far, far away.

The Blues are a bit more interesting. A win tonight gets them into 12th in the West and what, 4 points back? Do you blow up the team or do to stand pat? Davidson's made it clear that the next three games decides Walt's future. We come out of those with points, and he stays. But, well, what about the games that come afterward? Just because we don't make it out with 6 points doesn't mean we fall in the standings. Barring a slide like last year, we could be in this until the end.

Davidson seems to realize this, too.

So happy, they'd consider using some of the kids as trade bait for a veteran, or at least entertain the notion.

"Are we ready to take a step where we trade two young kids for a really good player that may help us a lot?," Davidson said. "It depends on that guy's contract, how old he is. It depends on whether we're ready for that, or is it a year or two away yet.

"But we're at least in a position now as an organization that we can think about stuff like this."

Veeeerry interesting. Of course, there's always this.

Rumors have been flying around about Keith Tkachuk being traded to all different teams, particularily the Bruins for high-end prospects or teams that are high in the draft picks (Islanders, Lightning, Maple Leafs, that sort).

I am here to tell you, that when Keith Tkachuk re-signed with the Blues last year, he added a No-Trade Clause. He's said a couple times that he isn't going to waive it and he'd rather stay in St. Louis, where he plans to stay after he retires from the NHL.

That is sad news to many teams who would love to have his offensive prowess in front of the net, tipping shots and knocking home rebounds (what better way to get all those goals?).

I really want to see Tkachuk retire a Blue, but the issue is, when does he retire? If he goes at the end of next year, do we rent him for picks and then re-sign? Do we keep hope alive for this year and re-sign him for another season? It's all in the best interests of your club. Heck, Ryan Whitney got shipped to the Ducks, who are either building their D core or working to dump Pronger. How about a Brewer for Pronger deal? It's worked before...


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