Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can the Hockey Gods just take 10 minutes...

... and smile on the Blues? We won Tuesday, pounding the Stars 5-2. What happens? Every single team ahead of us loses - IN OVERTIME. They got the extra point, and instead of 2 points back, we're 3. The one game last night that we needed the Sharks to win, they lose - to the Ducks, which prompts them to hop one spot ahead of us. Seriously?

The Blues are playing the Sharks tonight, and with all of their injuries they might not be that much of a problem. We're still only 3 points back. Here's hoping (for many reasons, but mostly this one) that the Thrashers pull out another win tonight against the Oilers. Heck, maybe we can shut them out like we did the Habs and Avs.

Careful, Craig... we're comin' for you next.

We've already gotten Guy Carbonnenau and Tom Renney fired, as well as injured Marty Brodeur. What other kind of havoc can we wreak? *muhahahaha*


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