Thursday, March 12, 2009

Proof Positive.

Cam Janssen in the Post-Dispatch gives the reason that we never should have even thought about trading Walt away:

Janssen was on the ice with Brad Winchester and Keith Tkachuk on the face-off, and Janssen said Tkachuk winked at him, signaling him to take on Barch.

“Was it best for me to fight there?” Janssen asked. “I’d rather me be off the ice than anybody else. He was looking to head-hunt, he was looking for something. I’d rather me get it over with and calm everything down, then have him running around and doing it later on in the game when I’m not out there.

“I looked at Walt (Tkachuk) and he’s our leader, our father in the locker room,” Janssen said. “When he gives me that nudge in the face-off to say, ‘Hey, you do it now, it’s the right time because (Barch) was looking for something.’ Walt gave me the wink and said, ‘Do your thing’ and I did. If Walt would have said no, then you know what . . . I wouldn’t have done it. But I look at Walt as a leader, he gave me the wink, and I respect that.”

Sweet, in a "hey this involves beating the crap out of someone" way.


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