Friday, March 13, 2009

Snatching victory from the jaws of... well, Jaws.

It's nice not being the team that's injury plagued for once, isn't it? I mean, we still are, but we've had enough time to gel and get some people healed that it's not noticeable anymore. The Sharks, on the other hand, have just been bitten by the injury bug and haven't had time to really bring it together. Oh well. Blues win last night, 3-1, which is good enough for 70 points and 2 out. Of course, we were in 13th, but we were 3 out before this game. How do we manage to wind up only a point better in the race, you ask? Because the stupid teams ahead of us (Minny, Edmonton, Dallas) either managed to lose in OT or just win the game in the Stars' case.

Something that does look good, though, is that we're only 1 game behind the Preds, so at the very least we should be able to finish not last in the conference. If we don't make the playoffs, I'll be disappointed, but I'm still of the firm belief that the youth movement worked, and I'll still consider this season to be a success. These last few months have actually been full of meaningful hockey for me to watch - I'd forgotten how much fun it is.


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