Friday, March 13, 2009

Sometimes things just come back to bite you in the butt.

Last night, that thing was Marty Reasoner.

You will lose and you will like it, Edmonton.

The Thrashers are now winners of 6 of their last 8 and are currently rolling with a 4 game winning streak, and that's good part to Reasoner's overtime GWG. The Oilers and Thrashers were fairly well matched last night, with 33 SOG to 32, and both goalies (Hedberg and Roloson) having 29 saves. It was nice to see Moose get the win, even though he was REALLY overly aggressive last night and probably could have been tethered to the goal for his own protection. Nice solid 3rd period.

Slater, Little, and Bogosian (who will be in ASGs for years to come, I swear) had our regulation goals, and Reasoner won it with a shot through the 5-hole on a breakaway. It was fun to listen to Rexall go DEAD silent like that, though the boos during the 3 stars was a bit tacky. Oh well. We won, we're not in last place, and it's nice. I don't care if we're playing our way out of Hedman (the Isles have Tavares locked up anyway) - the draft is deep this year and it's really nice to see our boys win.

Kovy did leave during his first shift with an upper body injury - it looks as though he pulled something on a shot. It's good to see the rest of the team step it up and step in - proof that we're making strides. Not too long ago we just would have shut down.


Wayne from AL said...

With wins over Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton in the past week, the Thrashers say to Canadian media and Canadian hockey fans:

Contract THIS!!!

Laura said...

Exactly! We're 8-4-1 against Canadian teams this year. They can take their whole Mason-Dixon Contraction whining and shovel it.

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