Wednesday, March 04, 2009

D Day, 2009.

It's trade deadline day! Yaaaaaay! The Thrashers have already moved Havelid (and GOD, could you tell it last night - blech), but who else is on the block? Rumors abound around Army, Kari, and a few others. For the Blues, apparently, they've taken Walt off the market unless the deal's too good to pass up, which is doubtful. No contending team will give up pieces big enough to justify moving him, and we're still only 4 points out (amazingly).

"All you have to do is look around the league," Davidson said Tuesday night. "If Walt (Tkachuk) was a player we were going to trade tomorrow, as of right now, he might not be playing tonight. He's playing ... he's playing. He's a Blue."

I am currently breathing a sigh of relief... until Don Waddell makes some horrible trade. Which should take him 5 minutes.


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