Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Deadline wrap-up.

Hi, new new guy! Welcome to Atlanta. Our thoughts & prayers are with you.

No one offered anything earth changing for Walt, so thankfully he will remain a Blue through the end of the season, and is a probable re-sign for the summer. Why wouldn't he want to re-sign? He's played well here, he loves the city, and this season should be an incentive for ANYONE to re-sign. Rumors abound about the Blues being in play for Pronger until the Ducks asked us for T.J. Oshie. That was a definite "hell NO," and so Pronger remains a Duck. Good call by Davidson. Don't give away pieces of our future for someone who was a part of our past.

The Thrashers had another un-busy day, with the biggest shock being the non-moving of Marty Reasoner. It gives me hope for a re-sign. He's good with the face-off and he's a solid 3rd line center. Army apparently got interest, but Don wanted people, not pics. Waddell mentioned on TSN that he would entertain the movement of a goalie (Kari or Pavs) if the right package came along. There were rumors of a deal with Philly (and the Flyers had a deal that didn't go through in time), but Kari remains a Thrasher for the duration of the season. The summer, though, could be different. Kari needs to play for his contract. No weird goals like the ones allowed last night.

I'm actually fairly OK with Don this year as far as some of his acquisitions go. Reasoner's been solid, Hainsey's solid, good draft choice in Bogosian... Schneider should have worked out better than he did, but I'm convinced that wasn't his fault or really Don's - that was just the team not knowing what to do with him and vice versa (watching MS now against the Sabres - he looks like he's back to normal). The 2 pics for MS basically mean that we got a 2nd rounder this year for Klee and a 3rd rounder next year for Larsen.

The new kid he got for Havs is someone I'll have to see before I judge, but he was specifically cherry picked from the Finn leagues by a GM known for getting solid talent, and O'Dell is a 2nd round pick chosen by a solid team for EC, who was a 3rd rounder in a draft not as deep.

People jump all over DW, and I can occasionally be in that camp, but he's not as incompetent as people say he is. A lot of it is the people above him.


Wayne from AL said...

"but Don wanted people, not pics"

So why did he trade for O'Dell, who won't even see our training camp until September 2010?

Laura said...

I'm starting to think that DW is doubting his drafting abilities, so now he's just mooching off of GMs who know what they're doing.

Weird things is, our prospects are usually ranked higher than the Ducks' are.

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