Thursday, March 05, 2009

The morning after.

Quick trade-deadline re-cap...

Quote from Bob Murray regarding EC:

“He’s pure-skill,” Anaheim general manager Bob Murray told reporters. “I think he’s the type who can play with good players, and we have good players on our top two lines. He’ll get that opportunity here.”

This leads me to question how thoroughly EC was scouted. He is the type who can play with the good players, just not well and for an extended period of time because he tries too hard to catch up with them. Then he suffers a panic attack, and he winds up on the 4th line. He's also going from a conference that is about skill and speed (where he fit in despite his inability to finish) to a conference built on grit and defense. He's not a Western Conference player, at least right now. I doubt his ability to be shaped into one.

Niclas Havelid seems content to be reunited with Bobby Holik
. I wish Havs the best of luck there - he deserves another good Cup run, and he wasn't going to get it in Atlanta.

Finally, it appears that the Blues DID get some good offers for Walt, but figured keeping team chemistry together was more important for trying to tweak a bunch of stuff as we try to go into the playoffs. Wise move by Davidson.


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