Saturday, March 07, 2009

Town Hall and a Win? All in ONE NIGHT?

All in all, a fairly productive town hall meeting for season ticket owners. No majorly stupid questions (the dude making the comment about Philips going green had a point, but the guy responsible for management didn't need to talk for 10 minutes about recycling programs - if they're gonna do that, just ask Slater to speak), but I sensed a bit of a disconnect between the STH between what's good for them and what is good for the team.

I understand people complaining about not having a ton of perks and giveaways. Yeah, that'd be nice for the STH - I wouldn't say no. But our ownership really isn't paying attention to either us or the Hawks. It's not gonna happen. I find it very illegitimate to complain about pricing and the ticket discounts for the average guy. First off, they have cut the number of deals this year (Waddell said that and I've noticed it - they've been giving away more of the food vouchers and stuff) because of the response to them at last year's town hall. Honestly, though, due to revenue sharing, the Thrashers have to average a certain attendance every night. Would you rather have the team lure people in with cheap tickets - people who buy stuff while they're in there and bring in dough that the team needs? Or, would you rather have the team buy up seats themselves, like the 'Yotes had to do? Which screams "pathetic?" Monetarily we're fine (Don said we're paying the bills on time, and there are a few teams who aren't), and it's because of this marketing strategy. Yeah, the marketing for the team could be better - scads - but free or reduced pricing for the tickets is nice.

Also, I got my renewal package in the mail yesterday (I renewed Thursday before I got it), and it has a list of renewal perks. $25 gift card to Team Gear, 4 free Hawks tickets (going on Ebay), and money for ticket upgrades for my seat as well as an allotment for purchases for another ticket to select games for friends and family. Total cost of my perks? Around $496. Total cost of my tickets? $968 (a 30% discount off of box office pricing). I think that's a great deal, personally.

On top of an interesting TH with a special guest appearance by Kovy to take the heat off of Don on a particularly touchy ownership querey, we shut out the Habs. Rough game... 98 penalty minutes called total, including several misconducts (a few of which were BS calls on us for trying to make sure that Perrin wasn't ridden like a pony and Boris wasn't jumped). When he complained about the overwhelming number of calls, Exelby wound up getting a 10 minute misconduct as well. The Habs were very frustrated and it showed because they were more interested in roughing us up than actually playing and scoring.

Little banged in a goal and Pevs got the EN. 21 points in 21 games as a Thrasher. Brilliant.

Photo of the night, by Mikki Harris of the AJC: Thorburn looks like he's rubbing one of those static electricity balls:


Wayne from AL said...

Unfortunately, Dan Snyder's hometown came in third in the Hockeyville online poll.

Sunshine36616 said...

I saw that about Dany Snyder's hometown :( Even the announcer (don cherry's buddy...can't think of his name) was sad and said "Oh, I'm so sorry for the Snyders. We will have to do a fund raiser for them."

If you don't mind me asking, where are your tickets? Is that price for 1? I'm seriously considering doing it next season.
If you don't want to put all that on the blog, you can email me

Laura said...

I'm up in 316... it's only for one ticket, but I think those seats get you some of the best bang for the buck, frankly. Really great view of everything!

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