Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I don't know whose kids I'd have first...

And Mason says NO.

Chris Mason's or Patrik Berglund's.

Ok, Bergie's. He's young and hot. Mason looks like Eric the Red. But based on both of their performances last night, paternity tests'd have to be broken out. Berglund got both of the Blues' goals in our 2-0 shutout (!) of the Kings, moving us 1 point out of 8th and 2 out of 7th. Mason faced the same number of shots Kari did (22) but managed to stop every single one of them, including 10 in a row on a Kings powerplay. Mason's a major cog in our wheel - ESPN's even noticing. I'm proud that they know who he is.

We're on a serious roll. We won't go away until April 12th, and after that? God and Mason willing, we'll be taking on someone in the playoffs, completing the 5 year rebuild plan that only took 3.


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