Wednesday, March 25, 2009


And *kick* 2-3-4 and *hold* 2-3-4 and JAZZ HANDS!

Ok, the Detroit game... 6 goals. Yeah, it was Detroit and Kari just came off of his streak of *awesome* so it seemed ok.

Last night - 6 goals on 22 shots. What? Against the Habs? Who we OUTSHOT? And we supplied 3 goals? *sigh*

Let me preface this by saying that I like Kari and I think that he has tons of potential. My question is this - what is going on to keep him from reaching it for stretches longer than 5-10 games at once? All goalies have bad games - Luongo laid a massive egg Saturday night against the 'Yotes that was just embarassing. Chris Mason and that last Detroit game? Oh my GOD. Chris Osgood on any given Tuesday...

The thing is... 6 goals on 22 shots on his next start with a .727 SV% is inexcusable. OUR POROUS DEFENSE ALLOWED 22 SOG BY THE HABS. That's not bad.

He has 6 games where he's allowed more than 5 goals - 2 where he's allowed 6 and 2 where he's allowed 7. The other goalies who have played 44 games or so (+ or - 1 game. so I've chosen a similar sample size: Giguere - 44, Luongo - 45, Rinne - 43) have allowed that many goals this number of times: 2 games for Luongo, 3 times for Giguere, 3 times for Rinne - and none of them have allowed more than 6 goals in a game save for Luongo once.

You just simply can't have a starting goaltender having that many brainfarts in one game so many times. Yes, a lot comes back to the D, but when you can sit there, look at the 6 goals, and blame the goalie for 4 of them? I don't care who that goaltender is - there's an issue. Kari seemed to be doing better... he was sitting down and working with Hedberg, right? Things like puck control, passing, whatnot - it seemed to be working. Did he just take an overextended lesson from Weeks or something? Kari needs to find a coach that gets him in that top form ALL of the time, or else he's just not going to pass muster. We need something to fix this, stat. I'd rather have a new coach than a new goalie. But something HAS to be done to fix this issue.


Mortimer Peacock said...

You like Kari, I like Kari, we all like Kari, but as you say: "something HAS to be done to fix this issue."

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