Friday, April 17, 2009

Game two. Bring it.

Here goes... game two. Tonight. Can we actually win? Well, duh. As JD said, we play better from behind. And we're down 1-0. What to do? Mason was solid in game 1. Luongo was solid-er (is that a word? It is now). We had a few good scoring chances, yes. But if we want MORE scoring chances, we need more shots on goal. Kid line? Hi - looking at you. I'm not going to go the route that Berglund did and place all the blame on him (poor kid - I appreciate the culpability, but there were other guys out there), but he and the rest of that line need to be more visible, not take penalties, and they need to shoot the puck from all angles at Luongo.

We need to get our butts in front of him and screen him. The Mr. Softee of the season is probably gone, and the only effective way to score on him is to confuse him, stand in front of him, and nail in a rebound, like Boyes did in game 1. Maybe confuzzle him with a few more snow showers. Well, not on purpose, but just to send a message that the front of the goal is our territory, and he needs to move his butt aside.

We weren't bad in game one - a little flat, maybe, but there is still a lot to love about this team. Several blogs, in their predictions sections, are going Blues in 6. The Canadian media is singing our praises in moderation. We're not an "Aww, they finally made it! And now they'll get POUNDED" feel good fluff story like Columbus - we fought our way into into the playoffs rightfully -were a team people don't want to play, not a team that people line up to play.

We need to keep proving that.


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