Thursday, April 16, 2009

That's exactly what I expected out of game 1.

Not outclassed, not drastically outplayed – getting the feel for what playoff hockey’s all about for the young kids. We weren’t embarrassed like the other losing teams, and honestly, other than a little softness around the D, I didn’t see a huge problem. Vancouver has a different goalie, we could have won that game 3-2. Instead, we lost, 2-1.

I think we’re playing well enough to take game two. Yeah, we have bad history with the 'Nucks, but I think that can go out the window now. Mason keeps up how he's been playing (he allowed the fewest goals out of all the losing goalies) and we're fine. At least we didn't get embarrassed like Carolina. Geeze. They looked like they didn't belong in the playoffs. I hope that changes for them.


aaron said...

how was the party? let me know if you do another one for round 2 -i'd love to get in on it.

Laura said...

It went ok... maybe for round 2 we can find an unofficial watering hole that WILL TURN THE VOLUME ON. /rant

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