Sunday, April 12, 2009

Locked into place.

With their 1-0 win over the Avs, the St. Louis Blues will be meeting up with the Vancouver Canucks... since seed 3 plays seed 6.

What an amazing climb... from 15th to 6th place in the course of just a couple months. I cannot wait until these playoffs start.

Bring on the Swedes! We can take them.

The Canucks look ready for us, too. I'm worried.

Just released: the schedule!

Wednesday and Friday, 9pm in Vancouver.
Sunday at 6, Tuesday at 7 in St. Louis.
Friday at 9 in Vancouver (if necessary). Sun at 7 in St Louis (if necessary). Tuesday 9 in Vancouver (if necessary). All times Central time zone.

Swell... since I live in the East, I get to stay up until 1 am on Wednesday. Oh well - it's worth it.


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