Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another one in the books.

With a total blowout win over the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Atlanta Thrashers end their 2008-2009 season on a VERY high note. Competitive game - 3 fights on our part and a complete team effort, which involved some of the best goaltending I've seen all season. Full house sell-out game, and not only did the fans deserve what we saw, the team deserved what we gave them.

I could care less what the final standings say. The way that this team played the second half of this season - as together as they were... as hard as they played for each other once the dead weight was gone... I'm already excited about the next season. Why shouldn't I be? We have Kovy, Armstrong, Kozlov, Peverley, White, Little, Bogosian, Hainsey, Enstrom, Hedberg, Kari... the list goes on. We are a strong, solid team now, and we play for each other. By God, each other is who matters.

The fair-weather fans... the ones who give up - the ones who complain w/o constructive criticism... they can disappear for all that I care. If you can't see the absolute heart that this Atlanta Thrashers team has - if you didn't appreciate the smiles on their faces at the end of this season... if you can't FEEL what is coming next year... well, make room for those of us who can. I am convinced that next season is going to be a great one. I can tell... I've been around sports teams that I have been iffy on... and I have seen teams that I believed in (2006 Cardinals and 2009 Blues) against all odds make it - that is this Thrashers team next season. I can just tell.

Kovy's going to be here for a while: "I don't want to compete for just the playoffs. I want to compete for the Cup and I think this city deserves it."

Thank you.

If you haven't bought season tickets for next year, buy the damn things now, because you are in for a treat. I know I was this year. Until prospect camp, boys. Relax. You've earned it.

We really are working on a dream... it'll be here sooner than we think.


dj4aces said...

First... as a teacher, you should be ashamed! "Could care less?" I'll let the link do the talking. :P

Otherwise, good write-up. I wished this season wouldn't end, but I think we have a far better chance of making the playoffs next year anyway.

Again, congrats to your Blues. Best of luck to them vs. San Jose.

Laura said...

LOL - never said I was an English teacher. :D I've always considered it a regional colloquialism.

Thank you for the well-wishes for my Blue Notes. I have the weirdest feeling we might need a few at first.

dj4aces said...

Apparently the playoff matchups changed, and the Blues are going up against the Canucks.

Anyway, it still stands: Best of luck!

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