Friday, April 10, 2009


Minny beats the Preds 8-4. We beat the Jackets 3-1. The BLUES ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!

We had less than a 1% chance in December. We're in them now, which is when it matters. Thank you Walt and your 2 goals. Thank you Mason for being awesome again. Thank you Blues for living up to your motto and blowing me away.

This just looks amazing:

BTW, stuff the box - we are, by FAR, the story of the year.


dj4aces said...

Congrats, Blues!
Hopefully next year, another sort of "blue" will be in the playoffs.

Laura said...

Or, better yet, both kinds of blue.

I swear, if you see these two meet up in the SCF, you're going to have to admit me to an institution.

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