Monday, April 13, 2009

Mike Knobler bought out by the AJC.

In their continuing bid to be one of the worst sports pages in America (except for their AMAZING coverage of high school football and UGA), the AJC has bought out Thrashers beat reporter Mike Knobler.

He was the only guy worth reading on the sports page - of course, the Thrashers are the only Atlanta team I care about, but still.

We're going to be one of those papers with minimal hockey coverage, like the Miami Herald. I could tell something was up when Knobler wasn't reporting from road games - it was the AP write-up. This is really upsetting. Now there won't be much of any non-mocking news coverage of the Thrashers.


dj4aces said...

To be fair, a lot of Rangers road games recaps was the AP writeup as opposed to their beat writer, too. And we're talking a little publication called the New York Times.

You'll find it's not just the AJC, and not just hockey, that's getting cut. It's easy to play the victim until you look at other locales. In actuality, it's the entire newspaper industry that is hurting right now. And, unfortunately, the least paid attention to content is going to experience a cut.

Believe it or not, the AJC was one of the few publications that had a hockey beat writer reporting from away venues a majority of the time. Here's to hoping we get someone new, and honestly, maybe a little more capable in place for next season? Other than that, I would have liked to see what Mike could do with a couple more years of hockey beat experience under his belt.

Laura said...

I totally understand about the Rangers' news... I remember reading that somewhere. But they still have a presence in the paper, right? The only coverage we'll probably get is from the AP, which is unfortunate.

I guess we got spoiled by Knobler and, before him, CC. Like I mentioned to someone earlier, I grew up used to front-page of the sports section coverage, and even front page of the paper coverage on occasion. I really want hockey to take off in the south because the sport is so awesome. Why must the economy foil the fun?

dj4aces said...

I don't know that we'll *only* get AP coverage. There's a while yet before we know if or when the replacement takes over, who that will be, etc. Season doesn't start until October.

Besides, they also got rid of Terence Moore. I do believe a fourth grade class could come up with better stories than he puked forth for the AJC. ;)

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