Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're out.

I think that the crowd reaction after the game says it all for this season: several minutes straight of chanting "Let's go Blues!"

What an amazing season. I didn't want it to end that way, but considering that we were in last place and wound up in 6th, and considering some of our best players missed half of or even the entire season, I am VERY proud of what we accomplished. I absolutely cannot wait until next season to see what the next step in the rebuild is, with Brewer, Kariya, and Johnson back in the line-up.

We're going to be a force to recon with. The BJs are losing players to free agency, and the Preds might not be as strong. We just got knocked out of the playoffs, but I am TOTALLY pumped for next year. October can't get here soon enough for both of my teams.

Thank you, guys, for giving me back playoff hockey. I have been on the edge of my seat for three months straight. Honestly, I don't know if I could make it many more rounds. The next year can't get here soon enough.

See you in Sweden, guys.


Wayne from AL said...

I figured that when the Blues failed to score when having that 4-minute PP in OT, they were gonna lose the game...

Sunshine36616 said...

Sorry for your Blues :( I was actually pulling for them last night because I thought it would be more fun for the fans there to see a win and the fans in Vancouver to get to see the elimination.

C. Mason made some unbelievable saves. I'll always have a soft spot for him since he was a Predator.

Laura said...

I actually kinda figured that too - who neutered our power play? Come on. We had some chances and just couldn't score.

I hate to see them get swept at home, but at least the fans appreciated what they saw all season and showed them. :)

Sunshine36616 said...

I think Luongo neutered them, lol. That bow-legged $&@~(# has been on a roll.

I'm still super impressed with C. Mason though. Wow he's got some legs on him. I loved the crowd chanting at the end. Good for them.

Laura said...

Luongo is a BEAST. For their sake, I hope that he can keep it up - it looked like he pulled his groin a little bit during the 3rd period.

Mace was great this season - I'm glad that he rebounded like that after losing the starter position in Nashville. He got off to a shaky start this year, but it wound up ok.

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