Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Official Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club is coming!

The official launch is on June 26th at the Draft Part-Ay, but word is getting out now regarding the official Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club. Yes, some people feel that this should be the job of the team, but kudos to the fans involved for setting it up. It should show the rest of the league that we have dedicated individuals to this organization.

Dues are as follows and yes, there are perks!:
$20 Individual
$35 Family (Max 4)

$15 STH Individual
$30 STH Family (Max 4)

$10 Out Of State Members
$15 Out Of State Family (Max 4)

$5 International Members


Lauri said...

Will there be a student discount rate? LOL gotta capture those starving college hockey students.

Laura said...

LOL - I doubt it, but you can always say you're from Venezuela or something.

Lisa Lewis said...

Shame on you Laura! LOL Lauri send me an email and we will talk!

Laura said...

LOL. Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Just tryin' to get the good word out for something that I still need to sign up for (payday's Thursday). :D

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