Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blues set to invade the WORLD (championships).

One of the perks of being eliminated from Cup contention is that you can go represent your nations at the World Championships. TJ Oshie and David Backes are set to add their own degree of awesome to the US Team, therby giving me something to watch aside from Bogosian and Hainsey. Finally - forwards who aren't Mike Modano. Amazing. Also, Chris Mason's beard is goaltending for Team Canada.

Maybe we'll get a rematch of this (not that I want Salmela killed - but it's a learning experience for sure):

Thrashers rookie Anssi Salmela learns not to incur the wrath of God.

Patrik Berglund was also alerted via text message that he will be playing with Sweden, which gives me an excuse along with Enstrom to keep an eye on that team as well.


Sunshine36616 said...

I saw that and was happy for C.Mason. My husband is very impressed by his beard, lol. I'm sure Team USA was glad to see the Blues go down. Congrats on your boys going to the World Championships!

Laura said...

His beard was almost at the ZZ Top level. :D That's the one thing about not playing for the Cup... they get to play for their country!

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