Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The first FA signing is...

Drumroll please...

Anssi Salmela! Congrats, kid. 2 years, one way - apparently DW thinks that his development is over, and after what we saw last season, it probably is. The problem is, where does this leave Oyster? He's a UFA this season, and chances are good that Salmela's taking his spot. Oystrick isn't a bad 3rd pairing D-man, but he's not offensively minded and he isn't a puck mover. Waddell and Anderson obviously are pushing for more offense and forward motion, and this makes Salmela a better fit in the long run, especially with Enstrom and Bogosian. We need one more D man that's defensively minded - and he'll probably come via trade or as a FA signing - and we should be set. Odd man out? Either X or Valabik, and the answer's probably Boris. I love the guy, but he really needs to mature just a little bit more.

Looks like we kind of fleeced the Devils, huh? Good job Don Waddell (!). I do believe that you might have pulled on over on Lou.


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