Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Thrashers News.

First up is the interview with Kari last night on Fox5 (big thanks to Blue who alerted me to this - I would have spaced and missed it). He was at the kids' camp for goalies, helping 'em out. He was asked a few questions about contract talks and such, and the tone didn't exactly go well. Of course, DW's never been one to lock up RFAs quickly.

Also, the Thrashers hired former Blackhawks Assistant GM Rick Dudley as an associate GM under Don Waddell. From Custance, Dudley was not hired to replace Waddell, despite his own experience as a general manager of the Florida Panthers and the Ottawa Senators. He was also a vice president of the Tampa Bay Lightning. He brought Khabby and St. Louis to Tampa... let's see who he can help bring to Atlanta. Best of luck to him... we're shoring up our front office. Let's shore up our team.


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