Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome to the club, boys.

Ok... here's the run-down of who drafted who.

The Thrashers, obviously, drafted Evander Kane with the 4th overall pick. Kid seems pretty happy to be here.

From Central Scouting:

"He has power forward qualities from the blue line in. He's the type of player who doesn't like being denied access to the net. You can almost see when he's got the puck he's going to the net and defying people to stop him. He'll be a 200-pound forward in the National Hockey League. He plays like he's 6-2, 6-3, bigger than his size. He's surprised a lot of people with his strength going to the net."
Kane could stand to probably fill out and add about 25 pounds or so, really. He's still an 18 year old kid. I watched him during World Juniors and was fairly impressed with his speed and playmaking abilities. I don't know if he'll be centering Kovy (honestly, as thin as he is, I could see him staying in juniors another year) but very nice pick by Waddell.

The rest of the Thrashers' selections:
2nd Round, 34th overall- LW Carl Klingberg
2nd Round, 45th overall- LW Jeremy Morin
4th Round, 117th overall- G
Edward Pasquale
4th Round 120th overall- D
Ben Chiarot
6th Round, 125th overall- D
Cody Sol
6th Round, 155th overall- C
Jimmy Bubnick
7th Round, 185th overall- C
Levko Loper
7th Round, 203rd overall- LW
Jordan Samuels-Thomas

Ben Wright at the Blueland Blog has more in-depth stuff on all of our picks... I'll be doing a post a little later on about Kane and Klingberg (who I am very excited about as well). Lots of size, lots of oomph. Good, solid draft by Don Waddell. He's improving with each one.

While I was fairly pleased with the Thrashers' draft, the Blues' draft just fairly underwhelmed me. Thankfully, Game Time, as usual, has awesome analysis (would it KILL the Blues to get a media guy like Ben to pass on info? I knew every Thrashers pick today in real time. Blues? Hell, no clue about their FIRST ROUND pick, let alone anyone else).

First round the Blues drafted defenceman David Rundblad at 17th overall. There are comparisons to Mike Green going around. He's an offensively minded puck-moving d-man. That's great, except like Mike Green, I have heard that he has defensive breakdowns. He did score 15 points (8-7-15) in 10 games for the Swedish junior team, so that's impressive. The Blues could always look for more offense since we need some, so this could help. I'm shocked we didn't look to see if a forward could fill the position. Goal scoring d-men are great, but if they mess up on the defense, then goals *get* scored. And that is a problem. That, and the Blues have solid defensive prospects and a good corps on the ice now.

Who else the Blues drafted:
2nd Round, 48th overall: D Brett Ponich
3rd Round, 78th overall:
RW Sergei Andronov
4th Round, 108th overall: RW
Tyler Shattock
6th Round, 168th overall: D
David Shields
7th Round, 202nd overall: C
Max Tardy

Generally speaking, I am far more impressed with the Thrashers' draft than with the Blues', but let's hear what John Davidson has to say, since his opinion's the one that counts, not mine.


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