Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here's a teaser.

I shall have a full synopsis of some Q&A I did today with some of the guys at prospect camp up tomorrow. Thank you so much to the Atlanta Thrashers for allowing us this access to the prospects. It was great meeting the guys at the Blueland Chronicle, The Blueland Outsider, Timmy from Thrashing About, Lisa from the Thrashers 411, and the amazing Falconer from BWA.

Hopefully I shall be allowed to mooch some of the photos from Getting Pucks Deep since so many of mine look like this - I need a new camera.

As a teaser, Timmy was smart enough to bring a recording device to the locker room, so he has the Q&A we did with Kane over on his site. Please give it a listen - I'm the girl on the tape asking about stats and stuff trying to be "smart."


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