Friday, July 10, 2009

Brewer Still a Ways Off.

Brewer still hasn't taken to the ice after his hip surgeries yet (reports say he's having issues even picking his kid up). Thankfully, Norm Sanders gives us hope with his outstanding run-down of the Blues prospects at Pro-Orientation Camp so far. Jay McKee has been bought out (and has been signed to the Pens as a replacement for Hal Gill), which leaves 6 defencemen spots on the team: Brewer, Johnson, Polak, Colaiacovo, Jackman, and Weaver. But, of course, most teams travel with 7, and Alex Pietrangelo is fighting for a spot. As mentioned before, he and Johnson have been practicing together with Al MacInnis, so I would not be completely shocked to see him take Brewers place for the time being, and when Brewer comes back Weaver becomes the 7th man. If you have someone like Petro in the system, and he is apparently ready, you do not waste that talent at all.


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