Friday, July 10, 2009

A Moment of Silence.

The great player, yet horrible broadcaster, Bernie Federko, is being moved to between the benches for on-ice analysis during St. Louis Blues games on FSMW. Bernie's loved around St. Louis for his play on the ice, but as far as his work in the broadcast booth, well... just look at a GDT on GameTime from last season and you'll see the mocking of his "Mason would have liked to have had that one back!" calls. He was not particularly good. At all. Period.

Bernie's been replaced by Darren Pang, late of the Phoenix Coyotes (who might be having issues with their TV broadcast rights - more to come on that when I can find more info). Pang has also broadcast on NBC, TSN, and ESPN, and is a well-respected broadcaster who lends the Blues telecasts a note of national credibility.

Perhaps now we can be part of one of the Sunday games on NBC? PLEASE? We're as exciting as the Blackhawks and Detroit. Hell, we outplayed Chicago last year. Cut us some slack.


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