Thursday, July 02, 2009

More Thrashers Signings.

The Thrashers re-signed Chris Thorburn to a 2 year deal, keeping the Greek Gods line intact. I'm actually pretty thrilled with this... our 4th line works their asses off (pardon my French) and without Exelby here any more, we need someone who is willing to throw down other than Boulton. Thorburn is always more than willing to step up, even though the results might not be what he'd like.

The hair is always magnificent. Evidence:

Also on the Thrashers' signing agenda - a top 6 forward. We filled that need with Nik Antropov today. He's a strong Right Winger who will probably be on Kovy's line (which means re-uniting the Little White Russian line, I hope). Dealing Stuart allows Army to move back to the 3rd line.

Antropov had 59 pts in 81 GP last season
, and was a -14 on a fairly average Toronto team. I honestly don't put a lot of stock in +/- stats (which is why I'm ignoring Kubina's career -101 or whatever horrible number that is). Yes, Todd White and Slava Kozlov had more points than he did last season, but Kovy (per a tweet by Andy Strickland) basically made this happen - he played with Antropov during the lockout. Here's what Don Waddell had to say:

"Let's look at it this way," Don Waddell said yesterday. "If we improve the team and make Ilya happy, it makes all of us happy."

Waddell did wonderfully at the draft and he's doing pretty well at getting free agents so far. I wouldn't be shocked to see Kovy re-sign by August.

Speaking of Kubina, Falconer has an analysis over at BWA that would blow anything I'd write out of the water... but allow me to say that a D man who scores 40 points a season is an upgrade over one who scores 7, at least in John Anderson's system.


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