Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Trade News.

X'll be cookin' up some fun in Toronto now, I suppose.

Just got home from vacation and am tired as poop, so no big write-up until tomorrow. Stuart and Exelby (not the hair!) have been sent off to Toronto for Kubina and Stapleton. I'll do a compare/contrast on stats tomorrow. This seems like a salary dump for Toronto, but Kubina's a 40 point a year guy... our top 4 defensemen are pretty solid with the scoring.

He's not afraid to bandy about some fisticuffs with batshit crazies, either.

The Blues signed Ty Conklin to a 2 year contract as a back-up to Chris Mason. ConkBlock stepped it up in Detroit when Osgood was going through his funk, and he also had to step in the previous year when Fleury was injured in Pittsburgh. He's a more than capable back-up, and this gives us an extremely solid one-two tandem in goal. Also, we're now all set for a Winter Classic and a Western Conference Championship accompanied by a heartbreaking loss in the SCF. So, well, yay!


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