Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some Kovy News.

You really have to love Google Translate. It can be so useful, but it can give you some really weird stuff. Anywho, the first link is an article from KP.ru regarding the baptism of his son, Phillip (who is officially the happiest baby I have ever seen dunked into a pool of water). Nothing too much, other than Kovy's opening a cafe in Tver called "Bronze," which I find odd because he tends to win more gold.

The second article, translated by Sport Express already (though not in perfect English, it is still more understandable than some things I have read from my students), has some hockey stuff in it, and stuff that Atlanta fans seem to be taking as a not good sign. Draw your own conclusions from this:

"American mass media rumour that I have already started negotiations with Atlanta on my new contract but don’t believe these rumours. I got no serious offers yet and don’t forget that I have one year of contract with the Thrashers".

"I really want to stay in Atlanta so I need to see this team next year. Our management reinforced the roster this summer and signed Antropov, Kubina and several other players. I think our performance will be more interesting this season".

Either he is being pragmatic about his future and he realizes that this is a business and anything can happen, or nothing is actually going to happen and Waddell isn't going to deliver. Kovy wants to stay here, and Waddell has started to make the right moves for that. It just all depends on how we play this season, and no one wants to have to play the year with that cloud over the team. It was horrible enough with Hossa - I don't want it to happen with Kovy.


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