Wednesday, August 12, 2009

7 Rounds Down...

So far, so meh in the CLTS re-draft. I'm in a wonky position of being near the middle (11th) so I don't get the perk of being able to choose near the top in any round. This gives everyone in the draft the chance to draft everyone I was going to draft that round before I did (Oshie on the WINGS?).

So, I had to play extra sneaky. I noticed that people weren't picking a few of the leagues better scorers... because they're on the Thrashers. Slava was the 10th highest scoring left winger, and I took him in the 5th round. Bryan Little? He of the 30 goals? 4th round.

Here who I's gots so far:

Erik Johnson-Enstrom

Well, my goaltending and D are solid. But damn it all to hell, my forwards only scored a combined 95 goals. *sigh*


CLS said...

I think your team would still look solid even if you fell asleep at the wheel right after you picked Luongo. He has a way of making everything look better.

(Just to clarify: you haven't fallen asleep at the wheel.)

Laura said...

Say that again when I'm on my way home from work. This waking up at 6:15 is for the birds.

Joe said...

Hey, I wouldn't have had to take Oshie if Kontos hadn't taken my boy Pavelski. I needed a bargain C to set up my later pick of Brad Richards.

Its pretty frustrating drafting against a bunch of people who know what they're doing, huh? Driving me crazy.

Laura said...

Seriously. I know what I'm doing, but come ON. When people are picking the random depth people that I want before I pick them? That is driving me nuts.

I had a list of about 15 players a position, and frankly I'm shocked I've wound up with the ones I have so far, because so many people have nabbed guys that I want. I have to admit that the defensive combo of Johnson/Enstrom *is* pretty sweet, though. :D

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