Saturday, August 15, 2009

We'll take what we can get.

Yes, camp doesn't start for like another month, but hey - the Traverse City prospects tourney is right around the corner! Here's the Thrashers' roster. The Blues' roster hasn't been posted yet, but will be the second I hear about it. The tourney starts on September 6th, and the schedule can be found over at Redwings Central (yes, I know, I linked to a Wings site. But they've got the info). I am assuming that the NHL Network will be airing the games, but not live. So, yeah, get ready for them to tick the scores across the bottom, spoiling your viewing pleasure.

Blues' first game is against Dallas, and Atlanta's first is against Detroit's. Since the prospects for both the Blues and the Thrashers are some of the best in hockey, they should be able to handle them... remember, the Thrashers aren't playing the big boy Wings.


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