Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The afore mentioned Blues re-cap kind of thing. Maybe.

To celebrate the news that Andy Murray has been given an additional year on his contract, the Blues decided to go out and knock the Wild around Scottrade all night. It seemed to be a physical game... Derek Armstrong (working to make the squad) had a Gordie Howe hat trick, so I'm sure that the coaches caught that. Darryl Sydor had to take someone to task for running Petro after the whistle. David Perron got into a fight (!)... and WON (!!). And. well... there's always Cam Janssen, hometown hero.

10:56 STL Cam Janssen : Hooking – 2 min
15:55 STL Cam Janssen served by Aaron Palushaj : Instigator – 2 min
15:55 STL Cam Janssen : Misconduct (10 min) – 0 min
15:55 STL Cam Janssen : Fighting (maj) – 5 min
15:44 STL Cam Janssen : Misconduct (10 min) – 0 min

Time on Ice – 0 6:07
PIM – 29
I really hate to break it to DJ King, but I think Cam's our default enforcer. Sorry, kiddo. Ben Bishop sounded (and I hate saying that, but the game was only on the radio) like he was making some really solid saves, especially in the 2nd and 3rd, where Minny started to outshoot us.

Apparently they incorporate offense into their new system. Weird.

Anywho, it wasn't a sold out crowd, but from the sounds on the radio when the Blues scored, it was a crowd that appreciated the fact that the guys were back, and even with the hybrid Baby Blues/Vets team they had out there, still played a solid game. Here's to hoping that the resurgence of hockey in St. Louis is permanent, so we don't have to deal with bandwagon fans popping up every 10 years or so. Just sayin'.


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