Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just really quick before I hit the hay...

There should be a Thrashers town hall recap up here sometime tomorrow (and it's *positive* - I know, right?). Very nice set up this year, BTW. I actually like how they did it tonight vs. the other town hall set ups in the past.

I just got done listening to the Blues beat the Wild(s) 3-1 in their first preseason game. How jealous am I of everyone up there... I have to wait until Monday to go to a hockey game. That just seems so far away. Oh well... I've waited since April. I can make it five more days.

I am so thrilled that hockey season's back with us. I loved hearing the goal horn and "When the Blues Go Marchin' In." It's been too long... way too long. I might attempt some analysis tomorrow over at The Hockey Writers, if I'm functional.


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