Thursday, September 03, 2009

Aw, c'mon, give him a shot!

'Tis the time of year where we hear about pros without contracts trying out for random squads. According to Jeremy Rutherford over at the Post-Dispatch, Darryl Sydor has been extended a pro tryout. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this is to cover all the bases considering Brewer might be out for longer than estimated - there's still time to hurt his other knee.

The Thrashers are also inviting more than Manny to camp. Per Ben Wright, the Thrashers are inviting Dan Fritshe and former Thrasher Marc Popovic back to give it a shot. I understand Fritshe because we might very well have a hole on the third line. Pops I'm a little shocked about because we seem to have all the defensemen that we really need. Manny being invited still strikes me as indicative of something bigger going on.

Eh, oh well. Maybe I'll swing by camp one day... the schedule's out. Ahh, traffic from Cobb Co. to Duluth. FUN.

BTW, players on try-outs with the team can play in a preseason game, just FYI.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

ANYWHERE to Duluth, GA ain't much fun...

Wayne stuck in AL said...

P.S.: The link in your 2nd paragraph needs fixing.

Laura said...

I completely agree. I really wish their practice rink was closer, but that would necessitate that the rinks in Marietta and Kennesaw be serviceable.

Fixed the link, BTW - thanks for pointing that out!

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