Friday, September 04, 2009

A few Thrashers things...

The TV schedule is out. 21 games aren't aired (7 away, 14 home) which is always great. I'm guessing that there's some sort of overlap with SportSouth airing Hawks games or football stuff. Considering how atrocious the broadcast quality is of our games, and the fact that I'm getting Center Ice this year, I'll be more than happy to watch the opposition feed when I need to.

Also noted, JP Dellacamera is out, and Matt McConnell is in. So, we're going from weird playcalling dude to "I'M GONNA TALK OVER YOU DUDE." Swell.

Also from Pierre LeBrun over on, a look at the top potential free agents come the trade deadline (yeah, I know - early). Of course, Kovy's on there. There's some glimmer of hope - Don tossed an offer at Kovalchuk's agent, and the agent returned one. There's a time and an amount of money that Kovalchuk will play for in Atlanta - he doesn't hate us after all. Hossa never offered a counter offer. Here's hoping that something happens before the season starts... for Kovy to be throwing around offers before camp makes it see that he might be getting a little happier about the team's outlook this year.

And finally, Dan Kamal is on Twitter: @dankamal. Follow him for pretty darn up to the minute stuff.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

With JPDC out and McConnell in, we're going from mediocre to sleep-inducing worse.

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